Black Women Speak.

Centering The Voices That Matter Most – OUR OWN!

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BLACK GIRL JOY: Healing in the Park Recap 8-22-21

What We Do

Black Women Speak gathers Black women in Minnesota and virtually around the country to cultivate community and share our experiences as a way to heal, find joy, and move towards liberation on our own terms! We do this by tapping into the arts, practicing healing techniques, and providing education around what it means to be a Black woman navigating this world.

We provide free year-round programming that is open to all ages. We welcome all Black women of various religions, socio-economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and identities.

We believe the lives of Black women have to be determined by centering the voices that matter most—our own.

Impact Stories

I am very honored and grateful for the healing sessions I have been graced with from Black Woman Heal. Each gathering has nourished me and my Augsburg peers by allowing us to connect with black women in our community by sharing stories and struggles. Being surrounded by a variety of Black Women at all walks of life has been very eye-opening in the mist of my Academic term. At each and everyone of the events I attended I have left feeling more seen and appreciated for who I am.

-Athena E.

The Black Women Speak Organization is nothing like anything I’ve experienced. This has given me the opportunity to advance as an individual and a brand. The fact that I am a college student focusing on Psychology, I ‘ve done enough research to know that trauma does heal better with others that understand you. That is exactly what black women speak has done for me, by giving me a safe space to release all stress that I have been carrying. The things offered like conferences, retreats, and small groups have all helped with stressful periods in and out of college life.

-Tolu O.

I love black women speak, I learned so much about what it means to heal as a black woman! BWS provides a safe space for women of color to learn how to care for our psychological and emotional state, free of the policing of our emotions, and judgement, something we have to deal with from society on a regular basis.

-Fazayah A.

Being apart of Black Women Speak has helped me be ok with who I am as a spiritual, empathetic, strong Black woman! I feel as though sometimes the world wants to take that from us. When I speak with these women, hang out with these women, listen to these women, I feel so very empowered. This group just allows me to be me and not feel like I’m odd or crazy. I’m just me to them and I feel so very understood!!

-Nipre M.

Working with Black Women Speak has revitalized not only how I see myself in leadership but how I show up in my everyday life. Before working with the org I was suffering from a great deal of suppressed trauma and as I’ve helped cultivate space for other black women through Black Women Speak. It has helped me find my personal liberation and healing journey.

-Eshay B.


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